Why exactly “Fifty Shades of Grey”?! Check out the answer! (+Video)

Have you ever wondered why the movie is called “Fifty Shades of Grey”?!
According to the author of the book, the name Grey, comes taken by the name of the main role, Christian Grey, which relates to her own opinion that “nothing is white or black, all depends on the angle of our vision”.

But, why 50?! Why not 10 or 100, but 50?!

Well, in the numerology, the number 50 has enormous power because it empowers number 50, while number 5 is a number of people who amaze the people around them, who look for they freedom, who like challenges, ask for changes in life and live every day of life, as it was the last one.

The answer is given, check the video if you wanna see the “main hero” of the movie, reading phrases of the book in Scottish accent:

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