The Benefits Of Using Lemon On The Skin

There is nothing else like lemon, when it comes to skin renewal.

It helps in keeping the PH balance of the skin.

You can do a skin mask by mixing equal quantities of lemon with honey.

Healing a Wound

To heal a wound, a few drops of lemon serve as an antiseptic.

Treat Eczema

To treat eczema, you can use it mixed with olive oil or almond oil.

Heal Pain Throat Or Respiratory Inefections

Little fresh lemon juice serves as an infusion of plants or taken with a little honey is an old remedy used against pain throat or respiratory infections.

Lime juice helps in reducing and eliminating mucus that obstructs breathing.

Other benefits of using lemon on the skin may include brightening or lightening the skin, moisturizing and toning oily skin, and fighting wrinkles.

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