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A rare video of Lionel Messi’s childhood football is on air. The world’s best football player was as fascinating as now , from his childhood. Watch the video to see a little Messi on...

Watch the Process of Re-grooving Car Tires! [VIDEO]

If you look on the sidewall of most medium commercial truck tires you will find the word “regroovable.” For those of you still in the dark, regrooving is the practice of carving out the rubber...

the best goals ever in football

Most Amazing Goals Ever!!! Watch the video

Football is the most famous sport in the planet. Everything is about good game of the team, and the most important: goals. Watch the video  compilation of amazing goals and get amazed. The rules...

DIY How To Hang Wallpaper

DIY: How to Hang Wallpaper

Tool & Materials: Wallpaper Wallpaper Paste Large Flat-Worksurface Tape Measure Spirit Level Step Ladder Pastring Brush Utility Knife Seam Roller Large Scissors Wallpaper Brush

10 Amazing Fire Tricks!

10 Amazing Fire Tricks!

10 Amazing Fire Tricks! These are relatively simple tricks that you can perform at home with basics supplies. All of these tricks can be dangerous so please use extreme caution when performing these experiments....

National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day sparks deals

In celebration of the National Ice Cream Day, USA TODAY’s Summer Bedard comments on the results of a new study which measured the popularity of different ice cream brands, flavors and retailers. Summer Bedard,...

100 Years of Italian Beaty

100 Years of Beauty

The Italian beauty is well known through the world. The team of “Cut Video” shows us the history of woman’s beauty from different parts of world. In this video below, they show us the...