Do Not Ignore These Signals That Your Skin Sends To You!

Even the shortest signals that your skin sends to you cannot be ignored.

Rashes can appear anywhere on the body, but never occur without a reason.

Although, most people neglect changes in the skin until they start making serious problems, dermatologists warn that any time we see a rash, we should definitely pay more attention.

Check out these signals that the skin might send to you and what they actually mean!

signals that your Skin Sends To You

Never ignore the signals that your skin sends to you

A Rash Around The Waist

It can occur in the middle of an allergic reaction to elastin or any material contained in that part of the trousers. Especially during summer, when sweat easily touches the rash.

Solution: Change the material.


Rash Under The Armpits

This part is quite sensitive and this reaction can occur after shaving. However, if it occurs even when you don’t shave, it is possible that your are using a bad deodorant.
This rash can also be caused by wearing synthetic clothes.

Solution: Buy natural deodorant or start to wear cotton clothing.

Itching, Burning And Blisters

One of the signs of celiac disease is if this kind of phenomenon appears on the skin. It doesn’t occur at all people who have celiac disease but only at 25 percent, but if you notice that you are having problems with digestion, then it would not be bad if you went to visit your doctor.

Solution: Due to the fact that this can be caused by eczema, be sure to visit your dermatologist. Before visiting the dermatologist, as a measure of precaution, it would not be bad to remove gluten from the diet for a few days.


Itching And Flaking Of The Scalp

If you itch, the skin flakes and becomes red, do not immediately conclude that it simply is dandruff. There is a probability that it is a seborrheic dermatitis – which often occurs due to the stress.

Solution: Seborrheic dermatitis can easily be confused with eczema, allergies or psoriasis, so you really need medical attention.


You Keep Hydrated, But Your Skin Is Still Flaky

If you have such a problem then it is about time to check the cream you are using, especially if you are still using the summer cream.

Solution: Change the cream, consult your dermatologist or pharmacist.



Source: Today

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