Make Your Own Mini Vase in Under 30 Seconds

Quick! Can you guess what this tiny bud vase is made from? I’ll give you one clue: with the right moves, it can be turned into an animal*. Now you’re really curious, aren’t you? Read on!

DIY vase in less than 30 seconds

This modern, ceramic-looking vase can be made in well under 30 seconds and only requires two materials: a 2″ glass votive holder and a BALLOON. Crazy, right?? I love that you can make it in just about any color, not to mention the fact that it has the appearance of matte glazed porcelain (my fave).

DIY vase in less than 30 seconds

Camilla Fabbri from Family Chic created these clever little vases by snipping off the mouth of a balloon, leaving about an inch of the neck, and then slipping the balloon over the votive holder. Of course, whether your vase has an innie or an outie is up to you.

*Well, not a living, breathing animal. One of those abstract balloon animals… like a weiner dog, maybe? Or how about a giraffe?


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