Loose by one pound per day with the Fast Slimming diet with water

With water diet you can loose one pound per day. However, this diet is allowed to be practiced every second day. And not for a long period, but time after time. We recommend that this type of diet to be applied only once a week.

In the morning

A mug of tea or water or natural juice. Fruits and juices you can eat and drink as you want.

In the forenoon nap time

A mug of water, tea or natural juice. Some fruits, if possible combine different types. Depending on the time period of the year, the fruits who contains more water are: citron and grapes in autumn and winter; melon and watermelon in spring and summer.


A large glass of water before dinner and a glass of tea after meals. The menu consists of raw vegetables, to the extent that you want vinegar, oil, lemon or spices as desired. Olives can be added to the salad. You are allowed to eat each type of raw and conserved salad, celery, green salad, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, onions, corn, soybean, tomato …

Before dinner

A large glass of water or natural tea. A glass of milk or yogurt, or 30 grams of cheese or any fruit.


Drink a glass of water before dinner and a cup of tea after meals, 100 gr. meat (chicken or beef) or 150 gr. fish, or eggs with vegetables and fruit.

Warning: This diet should not be followed for the entire week, because it will cause imbalance of substances in the body. It must be practiced mostly every other day. And not for long, but time after time.

Important: Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, while feeding should be rich with things that contain more water, such as fruit and vegetables.

And finally: keep in mind that no diet is absolutely good for your health. Therefore, before switching to a new feeding ‘regime’, seek advice from a doctor.

Source: News4beauty.com

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