Learn simple tricks on how to extend your laptop’s battery life


#1 Close all unnecessary programs and applications that run in the background. Preventing your laptop from parallel performing of a big number of tasks will extend battery life.


#2 Reduce the brightness of the screen. Keeping the screen on maximum brightness has a major impact on the battery life.

#3 If you are a music addict, we’ll have to disappoint you. Laptop speakers are not energy efficient and are great consumers of battery.

#4 Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use. They can consume battery while not connected to a network or device.


#5 Enable the “Power Saving mode” on your laptop. On Windows, click on the battery icon in the lower right corner, then click on the “Power Saver”.

#6 Keep your battery in a “healthy” conditions. Do not expose to extreme temperatures (high or low), and recharge it only when it is completely empty.


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