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Guardbot Features

The GuardBot is a robotic platform powered by EaglePicher batteries that hosts cameras and sensors in a sealed sphere.

It can be remotely controlled by an operator or programmed to navigate by GPS.


It moves in virtual silence. As a mobile sensor platform the GuardBot combines land and water functionality with dual payload capability (two data streams).

The GuardBot system is designed for non-intrusive surveillance enabling inspection/identification of objects.


The patented drive-mechanism uses a motorized pendulum to propel the Guardbot by changing the center of gravity for back and forth movement as well as 360° turns. Acceleration and deceleration are fast and smooth on land.

Amphibious movement is consistent and observant. GuardBot moves discretely and can sleep until alerted for duty. The easy-to-use ground control station offers 2D/3D mission planning features and moving map displays.novo-ouzje-guardi-04

Guardbot System Highlights Surveillance

Diameter: 23.6 “/60 cm. With domes 36”
Weight: 63 lbs/28 kg
Data Link: 2.4 GHz/5 GHz/
Environment: +40 C/-30 C
Endurance: ~ 6-8 hours
Ground Control System: Panasonic Toughbook/radio control/Joystick ruggedized mount/integrated display
Navigation: Radio controlled/GPS/waypoint navigation
Payload: 2 payload bays. May include various sensors video, night vision, audio, CBRN detection, radio listening, RFID, laser scanning
Power plant: 2 electric motors. 2 Li Ion EaglePicher batteries. Voltages 48
VDC: unregulated/12 VDC/5VDC
Scalability: 10 cm – 3m in diameter
Speed: 6 miles per hour on land. 4 miles per hour in water
Terrain: Slopes 30 degrees. High grass, snow, mud, sand and water



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