If You Want To Lose Weight, Do Not Count Calories! You Should Count Something Else!

We have believed that the secret to get a slim line is hidden in the number of calories that we intake during the

At first, we were told that we need to stop counting calories, and that we should rather concentrate on the quality
of the food.

Now, scientists say that we should get back to counting, not of the calories, but something entirely different –

If you eat less food, you will lose weight, according to a new scientific study. Although it sounds like something
that we all have always known, it is actually a very interesting discovery, because it does not imply that we
should to take account of calories, or to go to the gym every day to be deprived of those few extra pounds.

What the study suggest is that it is more than enough to just keep track of every morsel (bite) we take, and to
make sure to lower their quantity.

Dr. Josh West of “Brigham Young” University conducted a study in which he asked 61 volunteers to write down, on a
daily basis, the number of every morsel of food and sips of beverages (except water) taken. At the end of the day,
each of them would send the results to the doctor in an email.

if you want to lose weight, don't count calories

If you wan’t to lose weight, don’t count the calories, but the number of snacks you take

The study concluded that those who in the period of one month reduced the number of bites by 20 to 30 percent were
able to lose weight about two kilograms.

The doctor says that these are rather encouraging results, but that does not mean that people should starve.

“Let me say a word about the need to eat less than you currently eat, if you want to lose weight. We are very
pleased with the results, as the experiment lasted pretty short” – concluded Dr. West.

The plans are to continue with the research and for people who find it difficult to count the number of bites, to
plan and develop a special algorithm that will deal with mathematics instead.

However, the question is what happens when we lose count of our bites? One bite, two bites …. there goes the
whole cake!

Rule of thumb: Always, try to reduce the number of bites you take during each meal!


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