Healthy Hair And Volume Through This Simple Mask

Beer is rich in protein and vitamins with natural barley and contains nutrients to help in the development of healthy hair.

With rich nutrients as riboflavin, pantothenic acid, biotin and vitamin B12, yeast often found as a supplement to your diet food, cosmetic companies have begun to include the beer as an active ingredient in their formulas.


  • 1 cup beer
  • 1 egg


Take a cup of beer in a pan and leave until it boils. This will ensure that most of the alcohol is boiling. You can also use the unprepared beer but it can have dehydrating effect.

Once prepared, move the beer aside to cool before you mix with the yolk of the egg. Apply the mixture on the clean and wet hair and leave it to act for a few minutes.

It is best to do this in the shower because the composition can be liquid. Beer can be very good for your skin, while eggs make your skin shine. Therefore, you can use this mask in your face to make the skin soft and supple. This mask can alse prevent the appearance of acne.

Skin and Hair Care has assessed beer as natural preparation against skin impurities. Beer regulates the level of sebum produced by the pores of the skin and keeps it healthy. With 5.0 pH is ideal for scalp health.

It is effective in the treatment of dandruff and oily scalp. Bioactive molecules of ‘xantohumol’ have shown antioxidant that can strengthen the hair root. Maltose and sucrose found in beer helps to strengthen and increase the cuticles and affect the brightness of the hair.

Eggs contain large amounts of protein, ranging from 3.6 to 6.5 grams per egg, which makes eggs to qualify as Intensive Treatment of protein. Hair consist of 70% protein keratin, so egg proteins help rebuilding damaged hair./



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