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Seals discovered having sex with pinguins

Things are heating up in the cold climes of the sub-Antarctic. On a remote, and mostly desolate island, seals have been caught engaging in an extreme form of sexual behaviour. Specifically, they have been...


BMW M5 is screaming fast. Sick ride!

The current BMW M5 is all-new for 2012. Like the 5 Series upon which it is based, this M5 is larger than its predecessor, with an improved interior and more traditional BMW styling. Compared...

Tanaka Face Self Massage

Watch the video below:   Tanaka Face Self Massage ~ Soothing 10 min facial massage drains lymph fluid, reduces lines and wrinkles

Room Decor

Easy And Affordable DIY Room Decors

Watch this video to easy learn how to make nice decorations for your room. The video guides you on making: Glitter and pearl candle holder Bedside tray Floral arrangment Enjoy and learn:   Credit:WORLD...

DIY How To Hang Wallpaper

DIY: How to Hang Wallpaper

Tool & Materials: Wallpaper Wallpaper Paste Large Flat-Worksurface Tape Measure Spirit Level Step Ladder Pastring Brush Utility Knife Seam Roller Large Scissors Wallpaper Brush

Women’s Makeup Throughout History

Women have been beautifying themselves since the dawn of time. Throughout the ages, women have conformed to what society has deemed attractive. Some cultures required women to completely change their appearance while others have...