Calculate if you are fit, underweight or overweight

You have a perfect body, weaker, less cellulite, or feel that you have exceeded the normal weight? To remove assumptions, we bring to you the Body Mass Index calculator  (BMI calculator). Find out which is your weight index.

The calculation of body mass index or BMI serves for rough estimation of the level of nutrition, and tell for eventual problems of exceeded weight, ie obesity, which increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes,heart diseases  and some cancers.

Below are fields that need to be filled with the information about your current height and weight:


BMI Woman Man
Too low under 19.1 under 20.7
Ideal 19.1 – 25.8 20.7- 26.4
lightly raised 26.9 – 27.3 26.5-27.8
High 27.4 – 33.3 27.9-31.1
Higher 32.4 – 45 31.2-45
Extremely high 45 and more 45 and more

Note: This calculator can not be used to determine the BMI of children.

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