9 Best Fitness Trackers

Right on track

Need some fitness motivation? These smart wearables will help you keep tabs on your progress, and push through plateaus. To help you choose your arm (or leg) candy, here is our review of nine of the best fitness trackers on the market.

Wrist Candy

Sick of trackers that constantly need to be recharged? The sporty Fitbug Orb ($50; fitbug.com) logs all your stats (steps, calories and sleep) for four months before you have to swap out the battery.

Split Personality

Like most trackers, the Yoo HD ($70; yoochallenge.com), available in September, monitors your exercise and sleep habits. The twist: It makes movement a game, where you earn points against your sedentary self by staying active throughout the day.

Hidden Agenda

Sure, trackers are cool, but sometimes you don’t want the world knowing that you’re micromanaging your fitness goals. Luckily, the Withings Activité Pop ($150; withings.com), which keeps an eye on everything from your swimming to your sleep, looks like an everyday watch.

Bright Spot

Use the funky Jawbone Up Move ($40; amazon.com)—which comes in a variety of colors with mix-and-match accessories— to get a handle on your daily distance traveled,calories burned, active and idle times and sleep status.

Smooth Operator

The handy features of the Microsoft Band ($189-200; amazon.com)—a GPS that records your running, biking and hiking routes, a UV sensor and the ability to pair with your Starbucks card—make it a standout.

Cuff Love

Runners, take note: The Sensoria Fitness ($200; sensoria.com) clips onto a special sock at the ankle, then wirelessly sends your jogging deets—speed, distance, cadence and foot-strike patterns—to its app.

Fully Loaded

The Samsung Gear S ($350;samsung.com) bundles all your fitness, personal and business needs into one tech piece. It follows your exercise and food choices and can sync with other apps, like Nike+ Running. (Oh, and it’s a phone, too!)


A monitor is no good if you aren’t moving. The Garmin Vivosmart ($130; garmin.com) vibrates after every hour you’re still, reminding you to get off your butt. It also critiques your activity level, then develops daily goals to complete.

Plays Nice

Outlined with LED lights, the orb-shaped dial on the Misfit Shine ($100; target.com) glows when tapped to reveal your movement progress. Bonus: It works with apps like MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal.

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