7 Benefits From Stopping Sugar Consumption

Ordinary person takes about 300 calories of added sugar every day. About 20% of Americans outreach 700 calories of added sugars on a daily basis. To be clear, by added sugar we describe the sugar in cakes, which is not natural sugar that is found in fruits, vegetables or milk.

Sugar consumption may decrease depending on your habits, and the consequences of abandonment of sugar (depending on the amount of consumption) may be the same as in people who abandon drugs, including anxiety, apathy and even depression.

As an ordinary citizen, you can expect things to occur and see improving effects soon after starting anti-sugar diet.

Here are 7 benefits from stopping sugar consumption:

1. You will lower the risk of cardiovascular disease

The risk of death from heart disease will be lowered by three times. This happens because the added sugar raises insulin levels, which activates the nervous system and raises blood pressure and heart rate.

2. You will not have the problem of acne

Systemic inflammation is known as a cause of acne, while sugar is its stimulator. One study found that people who consumed a can of 350 ml soda per day for 3 weeks, increased their acne stimulating levels of up to 87%. Avoid these kind and other sweetened drinks.

3. You will avoid diabetes

Added sugar consumption promotes the upgrading of fat deposits on the liver, these deposits contribute to insuline resistance and underestimate the work done by the pancreas which normally stops producing insulin. A study showed that the consumption of 150 calories of added sugar is 11 times more likely to contribute to the development of diabetes 2, compared with 150 calories of protein or fat.

4. You do not need to “fake out your smile”

It is normal to be eccentric slightly after you abandon the sweets, but after you adjust sugar levels, you will feel better than ever.

A Colombia University study found that women who keep diets with a high level of added sugar and refined grains are more likely to experience anxiety, irritability and mood swings.

5. You will normalize your sleep

Lack of sugar leaves you with fatigue and the need for a nap. If you deviate entirely from sugar, you will feel vital, fresh and ready during the day.

6. You will improve your memory

Do you have the problem of “blurred mind”? If so, then the problem is with sugar. Excessive consumption of sugar can damage communication between brain cells, which leads to problems with memory (such as remembering names or similar).

7. Eventually, you will lose your extra pounds

When you replace the calories from sugar with other foods, you will lower the amount of daily consumed calories and that leads to weight loss. By reducing 200 calories of sugar over the period of 5-6 months will help you lose up to 5 kilograms.

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