16 Signs That Men Are From Mars



You can always rely on trusty old Adam DeMamp from Workaholics to say exactly what’s on every guy’s mind – and that is that we don’t even want to have sex with you, lady, so you can spare us the stuck-up, “I’m too good for you” attitude, unless you’re keen, in which case we’re also keen… 15


Well this is just a foolproof plan, isn’t it? Just strap a belt of empty Coke bottles around your waist and there is no way you could possibly drown under any circumstances. Not to mention, it might even save you from shark attack too! Sharks hate Coca-Cola… bad for their teeth.



This meme is actually using the fussiest guys out there as an example, too – most guys don’t even bother with shampoo at all! …Or is that just me? Whoops! Anyway, girls put the time and effort in because they want their hair looking and feeling the best, while us guys actually think it looks better messed up and disheveled! Well, okay that’s a bit of a generalization. –

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